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Stop the PAIN and Start Living!

100% Natural, Holistic P.A.I.N. Help Program

100% of clients that completed the program stopped using opioids.

I can’t even remember the last time I took pain medicine. Thank you Kristi. Your program works."

Bill Sicklesmith, Retired Computer Programmer, Ohio

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How it works

The process is simple and effective to achieve the best results



Restore the Mind-Body Connection using natural proven techniques and holistic cutting edge technology

P.A.I.N. Help Program can be done in the convenience of your own home almost anywhere in the world

 This program is not specific to medical conditions, we have had success across the board even with rare, extreme medical conditions. Schedule a FREE Consultation Now, click on the button below.

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Life Changing Results

See what others are saying about this program...

"Now I am able to do what I want to without having that disease control my life"

"When I first met Kristi I was suffering from chronic Lyme disease and debilitated to the point where it was tough for me to get out of bed and perform any kind of daily activity. Now I am able to do pretty much what I want to do without having that disease control my life and tell me what I can and can’t do. I can’t say enough how much Kristi has helped me and hands down without even thinking about it I would recommend anybody who has an opportunity to take her classes."

Ashley Ayoob

Board Certified Critical Care and Internal Medicine Veterinarian

"I see results..."

"I am so happy with the results for my father.  It made a huge difference in his quality of life."

Peter Reyes for Stanley Reyes in Naples, FL

"I am able to garden again!"

"When I was in the army, an explosive device blew in my eardrum. Since doing this program, my hearing has improved. I used to not be able to hear my children on the telephone but now I can. The ringing in my ears has also subsided.  My knee doesn't have any cartilage in it, I no longer need to get shots in it to help with the pain. I am able to garden again."

Urban Oen, PhD

Army Reserves and Educator

West Chicago, IL

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